What is the Standard Electrical Service for Residential

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Are you currently in the process of constructing a home and looking for information on the conventional electrical service for residential areas? Take advantage of all of our years of expertise working in this field.   A household electrical service of 200 amps and 120/240 volts in a single phase is considered to be the […]

A Roundup of Your Favorite Tours in Knoxville, TN

University of Tennessee

Knoxville has quite the range of tours available to adventurers who are open to seeing the sights and learning the culture of this wondrous city. Here are a few of them: The Great Valley Wine Trail In East Tennessee, the Great Valley Wine Trail connects four independent vineyards. More than 40 wines are featured on […]

Unclogging Sinks: 5 Unexpected Ways

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Sinks are designed to be used for washing dishes, doing laundry, or preparing food. No one expects sink drains to clog! However, it is not uncommon for sink drains to become partially blocked with food particles and other debris that can’t pass through the u-bend of the sink drain. This article will walk you through […]