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One of the most laborious tasks to deal with when owning a home is plumbing. It requires a certain amount of time and attention to ensure a safe and comfortable home. 


While homeowners dread to hear this fact, plumbing issues can occur inevitably. Its occurrence is accompanied by pipe aging, wearing and tearing of plumbing tools, and more often due to how the plumbing system is maintained through the years. 


Plumbing experts unquestionably know how to solve different types of plumbing problems, so when you are greeted by the inevitable, it is only right to ask for their help. Read on to learn the different types of plumbing issues that you should look out for as a homeowner. 


Non-stop faucet dripping 


Dripping faucets can quickly get disturbing. At the same time, it can cause your water bill to swell up. The causes could be a worn-out washer or O-ring, poorly installed faucet, or corrosion. More often than not, these issues can easily be fixed by a plumbing expert. 


What you can do when you have a dripping faucet:


  1. Find out how much water has been wasted and calculate the cost using a drip calculator. 
  2. Do not let the plumbing issue wait. Call a professional plumber right away and get it fixed. 


Leaking pipes


Several factors might be causing your leaking pipes. It could be, clogging, poorly installed pipe, corrosion, damaged pipe joints, cracks, or too much water pressure. 


It doesn’t matter what triggers the damage, the problem should be fixed by a competent plumber. Such plumbing issues should not be allowed to linger, or else, it can cause even more severe problems along the way and endanger the safety of your plumbing system and your entire home. 


Running toilets


Having a running toilet is one way to waste up to 700 liters of water in a day. Such a waste, right? This particular problem can be rooted in several reasons – incorrect sizing of flapper chains, corrosion of toilet handles, deteriorated flapper seals or flush pipes, or refill tube damage. 


Weak Water Pressure


Low water pressure can cause a huge inconvenience in your home, especially when using any plumbing. This could signify that there is a serious plumbing problem such as clogging of drain or sewer, corroding pipes, water leaks, or cracked sewer lines.  


Hose Bibb Leak 


This kind of plumbing problem occurs typically during summer and spring. Unprotected hose bibbs are prone to cracking and breaking, especially after a long cold season. Professional plumbers recommend that you invest in a frost-proof hose bibb that can withstand extreme cold and has a lesser chance of leaking. 


Clogged drains 


Drainage damages not only affect your living situation, but it compromises your family’s health as well. If you are experiencing this issue, you should address it quickly to your plumbing experts. 


  1. A single clogged drain is often caused by the buildup of soap, hair, and other external objects in your drain. A regular drain cleaning routine should easily solve this issue
  2. Two or more clogged drains usually signify a more serious problem. This could involve your sewer lines. The best thing to do is to call a local plumbing expert to fix the said problem. It’s more practical to ask the help of a professional rather than doing the job yourself and risk the possibility of more serious damages.


Sump Pump Dysfunction


Sump pump malfunctions are sometimes caused by too much water (ex. heavy rain), clogging of discharge pipes, poorly installed sump pumps, stuck switches, and deterioration or aging of the sump pump itself. This failure is often related to an external issue. Given the condition of the sump pump, it is more inclined to fail. 


Problematic Water Heaters


We all need hot water at home. Thus, it is always a hassle if we can’t get enough or any of it. This could mean that there is something wrong with your home’s plumbing system. Some possible causes include corrosion or buildup of debris in the system, poorly installed water heater, failure of heating elements, broken electrical wiring, etc. 


There is only one thing to do when you are experiencing these kinds of issues at home – Call Hero Services and have your plumbing system assessed right away. Remember that there is no such thing as a minor plumbing problem; anything “small” can always lead to something more serious if left uncorrected.

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