If You're Not Thrilled, You're Not Billed!

The “Thrilled or Not Billed” Commitment

In a world filled with fleeting promises, GoHero stands out with an unwavering dedication to your satisfaction. Presenting our “Thrilled or Not Billed” assurance – a reflection of our confidence in our services and our undying commitment to you.

Commitment to Quality: 

Every job, big or small, receives our utmost attention and expertise. Our guarantee is our driving force, pushing us to ensure that excellence isn’t just pursued, it’s achieved.

Relationships That Last: 

Our aim is more than just providing a service; it’s about creating lasting partnerships with our clients. This commitment stands testament to our ambition of being more than just a service provider – we want to be a trusted ally in all your needs.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind: 

With GoHero, you’re not just hiring a service provider; you’re investing in a promise. A promise that either we deliver outstanding service meeting your expectations, or you don’t owe us a dime.

Consistent Excellence: 

We believe in consistency, and our “Thrilled or Not Billed” promise is a testament to that. Whether it’s your first time using our services or the hundredth, expect the same level of dedication and quality.

Dive into a seamless experience with GoHero, where your satisfaction is at the core of everything we do. We don’t just talk about excellence – we guarantee it.

Clarity on the “Thrilled or Not Billed” Pledge:

  • Our “Thrilled or Not Billed” Guarantee means that if you are not completely satisfied with our service, we will do the job again to your satisfaction for FREE.
  • If you’re not satisfied, let our technician know before they depart, or reach out to our customer service within a day of the service.
  • The guarantee is about the quality of our work, not external factors we can’t control.
  • If we stop a service due to unforeseen risks that might cause more damage or pose a danger, the guarantee won’t apply.
  • The guarantee applies once for every appointment and does not extend to ongoing services or maintenance agreements.
  • We’ll always review claims thoroughly, deciding on the best course of action—be it a full or partial refund, another service attempt, or other resolutions.
  • All final decisions rest with GoHero Home Services.
  • The guarantee’s terms are subject to change. Additional restrictions might be in place.

Choose GoHero. Where your satisfaction isn’t just hoped for – it’s guaranteed.

If You're Not Thrilled, You're Not Billed!

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