How to Properly Care For Your Septic System

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Maintaining Your Septic System In Knoxville TN

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The septic system plays a vital role in removing wastewater from your home. As a homeowner, you should ensure that the septic system is clean and maintained always. If you don’t take some simple measures seriously, your system will fail and compromise sanitation in your home. Also, a faulty septic tank system may call for an enormous repair bill, which will force you to dig deeper into your savings. Here is a quick rundown of some effective practices you can adopt to keep your septic tank in good shape:

Pump It

Where a home is not connected to a public sewage system, a septic tank is used to separate solid waste from the wastewater. Usually, the solid waste sediments at the bottom of your tank and the liquid waste is disposed of into the earth using pipes. Problems arise when solid waste accumulates for a long time without being eliminated.

Building up of sludge results in blockage of the drainage system, and causes a raw waste back-up in the sewer lines. When pumping is neglected, the sewage will run into your home and cause a lot of stress. Thus, you will save on huge plumbing costs if you consider hiring Knoxville plumbing services to pump your septic tank. According to the Knoxville TN experts, pumping your tank every two years is a sound decision. 

Inspect It Regularly

Even though pumping your septic tank will take place after two years, having your plumbing system inspected often is essential. A skilled plumber from Hero Services in TN will assess the entire septic system and identify any repairs required. Sometimes, you might be too busy to note any worn-out mechanisms or failing plumbing fixtures. However, it will be easy for a Knoxville TN plumber to fix all repairs during an inspection. 

Maintain It

You can apply several practices such as avoiding garbage disposal in the drains and use of natural drain cleaners from Knoxville TN plumbing stores to make your septic system more efficient. Knoxville plumbing professionals from Hero Services recommend that running hot water through the drainage system dislodges clogs off the system pipes. Also, avoid anything that may exert pressure on your septic tanks such as driving or parking your car on it, buildings, or trees. According to most TN plumbers, adhering to such small, yet essential practices will highly help you maintain your septic tank in good condition for a long time.

ArrayConsult a Reliable Sewer Services Company

When some inevitable sewer problems occur, seeking the services of reputable Hero Services is necessary. If an experienced plumber in Knoxville doesn’t fix the problem on time, sewer problems such as tiny cracks on pipes or drain back-ups can cause severe issues. Research shows that a plumbing system accounts for 15% of the value of your property. This means that your sewer is a great investment, and you must not overlook any drainage problem.

Indeed, when it comes to proper care of your septic system, the small practices matter a lot. A good sewer not only saves on money, but it also guarantees good health for you and your loved ones. Ensure you consult a competent plumber from Hero Services in TN for all repairs and inspection of your sewer system.


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