How To Take Care Of Your Septic System

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Septic system is a must-have in a typical household and is an integral part of the home. Most homeowners worldwide have septic systems, but ironically, not all of them know where the tank is placed. Not a lot of them are even aware that septic systems also need to be taken care of, much less the steps on how to keep them in a good state. This is primarily the reason why so many septic systems are inclined to malfunction. 

Septic experts urge homeowners to learn how to take good care of their septic systems to avoid undesirable septic emergencies. Here are some ways you can follow to take care of your septic system. 

Keep the Septic Tank and Drain field from overloading

The water that we use at home goes out through the septic system. That is why it is highly susceptible to leaks and other water-wasting issues. Thus, homeowners must learn how to avoid wasting water as much as possible, and here are some simple tips for doing that: 

  1. Consume less sink water.
  2. Don’t stay too long in the shower.
  3. Use faucet nozzles. 
  4. Always check if there are faucet leaks. 
  5. Maximize dishwasher and washing machine loads

Equip your home with a more efficient toilet

Most old toilets are built with a large reservoir meaning, it uses a lot of water. As a homeowner who wants to conserve as much water as possible, consider having your toilet replaced with a modern one. A more efficient toilet can help reduce the amount of water used and will be highly beneficial for your septic system. 

Observe proper waste disposal 

The toilet is not for garbage disposal. Therefore, you should not throw your trash in there, especially those that could cause clogging. Do not flush down your garbage, including toilet papers, food, cigarette butts, tampons, diapers, condoms, etc. Otherwise, your toilet, if not your septic system, will get clogged in just a short amount of time. 

Do not pour anything greasy down the drain

You should never pour grease down the drain. While a lot of people mistakenly do this all the time, it is a big no-no. A cooking byproduct like oil should be disposed of properly and not poured down the drain, which can cause a buildup of gunk around the pipelining. Through time, the gunk can then form a barrier which causes clogging.

Keep Rain Water Away From the Septic Drain field

Too much rainwater is dangerous for your septic drain field. When there’s too much water, the drain field can get saturated and later become unsuited for holding water. To prevent this from happening, have your gutters installed in such a way that it diverts the rainwater from the drain field.

Use Less Heavy-Duty Cleaners

Believe it or not, there are so-called “little helpers” living inside your septic tanks that feed on the solid wastes that go through your drains. Heavy-duty drain cleaners that contain chemical disinfectants can kill off these microorganisms. Minimize using these types of cleaners because it can also cause damage to your septic system. 

Use Septic Safe Products Instead

Here’s the answer: while it is not advisable to use heavy-duty drain cleaners, there are other septic-safe products that you can use. When choosing hygiene products such as hand soaps, dish soaps, etc., choose those that are made from natural ingredients. These types of products are more septic and environmental-friendly. 

Do not pour hazardous substances down the drain

We should also keep in mind that the products that we are using have an impact on the environment in one way or another. Hazardous chemicals such as gasoline, varnish, paint thinner, motor oil, are harmful to groundwater. These chemicals should always be disposed of properly. Read the product labels for instructions. 

Conduct a regular septic system maintenance

To maintain a well-functioning septic system, you need to have maintenance routines conducted. This will expand the lifespan of your septic system. Such maintenance routines should never be done without professional supervision. The best thing to do is to hire a certified plumber to conduct a safe and proper septic service. Always trust the hands of the professionals when it comes to septic systems. 

There are a lot of things that can signify that your septic system needs repair, restoration, or even replacement. Do not wait for these signs to worsen. Once you notice a foul smell in your home, it is most likely coming from your drainage system, and you must never fail to contact a professional. For professional septic service, you should always be ready to call a reliable plumber or septic tank expert near your to help resolve your problem.


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